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123 Contact Backup App

123 Contact Backup

123 Contact Backup is a contacts backup app that’s super simple to use. By default all Android devices automatically sync and backup to Google accounts, however, if you require an easy app for exporting your contacts data, then 123 Contact Backup can do the job. In works in three simple steps: 1. Select which Google […]

SMS Tracker removed from Google Play store

SMS Tracker removed from Google Play store

Remember we told you about SMS Tracker, the mobile tracker app for monitoring text messages for Android. Well, Google recently pulled the app from the Google Play store, however it lives on via the developers website and he’ll support those who purchased the app from Google Play with a new product key. Check out a […]

SMS Tracker

Monitoring your child’s SMS text messages is a method to see what they are really up to. Monitoring text messages can reveal how your employees use their mobile phones at the workplace or what SMS messages your child is sending to his/her friends. Monitoring employee or child mobile phone’s SMS could become a real eye-opener […]